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Great advice by The Great Jane Goodall!

This so-called documentary has so many instances where it makes Veganism look like something very similar to a cult. Embarrassing!

I cried and laughed in this video. It was a roller coaster but MORE PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THIS!!!

I truly appreciate this very important video! Thank you!

I don’t care. I love my bacon.

SMASHED that like button

This video is so amazing! I will change my diet and share this video for everyone i know! Thank you so much <3

The point missed is that God doesn't want humans so prey on the suffering of innocent animals and factory farming of animals is destroying our delicate planet. Bible even says-every plant and fruiting tree I give you as your meat So many so-called animal lovers have cats and dogs but put other animals on their plates- hypocracy runs deep in our culture!.


Finally I can see the point of vegans. Before, they annoyed me somehow, but thanks to this documentary I know now why they are so passionate about it. It's urgent that people change to a more conscious and life-friendly way of life. Imagine all the animals being humans. You wouldn't wanna be treated like this, never, not even close to that. It sucks that we actually do so much harm to living beings..


OMG what kind of living creatures are we to do this to other living creatures...If we did this to a human we would be put in jail.

OK so the animal stuff affected me and broke my heart as badly as it always does, especially as I live in grass fed, outdoor, farm country where I don't know a single Vegan and this cruelty is all around me and no one has any interest in giving up or even cutting down on animal products, but something that really got to me today was the guy cutting down the HUGE tree to make way for animal feed crops. So bad!!!!!.

Yeah, this was never what G-d wanted. If you're of the Abrahamic religions go back to the very beginning of the Torah and read what the first humans ate before crud hit the fan. Humanity ate plants and that's it. Seems to me eating against our designed nature is what kills us and makes us worse. Nonetheless whatever your religious/ideology/philosophy is being vegan (though I'll admit transitioning can be hard without an active community around you) it's totally worth it! When I'm able to get a few more $$$ in my pocket I'm going to try and do whole foods and organic. Crud I'm even looking on how to farm for myself all the time. Blueberries in the backyard...I'll give them another week or so but they're looking great. FYI gardening is super fun too..

It broke my heart💔, I'll be sharing this everywhere


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Last year I became vegan in june and I was just 59 years old , my health improved tremendously , I started each day with a lovely smoothie consisting of vegetables , fruits , oats , nuts , legumes and some special food like ginger ; that was enough food to last me until 6 p.m. when I had some bread with vegan spread or a light warm meal ! I felt great but in december I started drinking alcohol wich made me manic and I became psychotic thinking I was divine and I was sectioned in a psychiatric hospital where I couldn't get vegan food and my health detiriorated , I'm back home since 1 and a half months and my financial situation is much worse , I can't afford good vegan food and it makes me depressed , I wish I could buy good , healthy ,tasty vegan food ! I can afford rice , beans and vegetables but it's not tasty and boring so I don't eat vegan until my finances improve , you can say anything but to eat TASTY vegan food isn't cheap !.

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“We forget about ice” Hoops and Yo-yo 2015

I would think that the term Animal Nutrition is an oxymoron in the context of Human diet!!!





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